Fear of Beards – Related to Other Fears?

I am aware almost anything can be a fear to someone but when I ran across the fear of beards I had formed to stop for a second because I almost found this too persuasive to just simply search through. This is an actual fear the beard t shirt or mustache t shirt. I immediately felt the need to research this new found fear instantly to increase educate myself as to what the fear is derived from or for what reason people happen to find beards frightening.

The first thing I learned about this fear is their name. Pogonophobia is the word for the worry of beards. Unfortunately after doing quite somewhat of research I wasn’t able to find a good source for actually going into detail as to what causes Pogonophobia and its effects on those of female or male source. As I am supposing with males it is going to make them very apt to shaving at every opportunity but I wonder if they are frightened when doing so. Or if Pogonophobia actually contributes or is relative to a dread of hair.

There are regrettably again many contacts from some fears to others. Usually the individual is suffering from a variety of fears sometimes non-relating or sometimes they all get from the same basic things. Other fears can be completely consuming on the life. It really is determined by the extent of the fear itself and just how much the individual is subject to that particular fear.

I was not sure how one would be best off working with Pogonophobia or overcoming their fear of bears. Perhaps to read or educate yourself about curly hair growth on one’s face may be a start. Or even they could slowly and gradually subject themselves to others beards to slowly kind of implement them and learn to control their fear.

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