Choosing the Best Egyptian Cotton Comforters

When the temperatures drop outside, many people decide to swap their blanket for a cold-weather comforter. The best comforters 2017 such as an Egyptian cotton comforter may be what you are looking for. If you want a thicker comforter, an Egyptian cotton down comforter may be what you want. Egyptian natural cotton is the highest quality of cotton available. Wanting the finer things in life doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Comforter sets are affordable, elegant and comfy.

When purchasing a natural cotton comforter you will want to look at design, thread count (TC) and size. You may want an entire set. There are a variety of comforters depending on weight and TC you can choose from such as 100% Egyptian cotton comforters, cotton down bed comforters and cotton down option comforters.

How to choose a comforter

Before buying comforter, likely to want to prepare yourself. Determine what you’re buying the comforter for. If you are in a cold climate, then you may require a down comforter. You will want to consider the weight of the comforter through twine count and fill. An additional thing you need to think about is how warm do you rest? Do you sleep with several blankets and a heating blanket? A down comforter may be the right choice. Is an easy cover or sheet sufficient for you even in the center of winter? If so, an organic cotton comforter would be perfect.

How to choose a thread count number

When purchasing an Egyptian cotton comforters, you’ll want to look at line count or TC. This kind of is the number of threads that are woven into each square inch of the comforter. Line counts from 200 and go up. The higher the TC, the finer the threads and the lighter the fabric and better it will feel to the touch.

How to pick a size

When choosing a size, cotton comforters come in the same sizes as other comforters: Double, Twin XL, Full, California king and King. If you have a California California king or Eastern King, likely to want to buy an Egyptian cotton comforter that fits you best. So what’s the difference between the two King-sized mattresses? The California King is 84″x72″, as it is longer than the Eastern King mattress; however it is not as wide. You’ll want to measure your bed to ensure you find the best fit possible.

You may want an cotton comforter collection including the comforter and Duvet cover, shams and linen set (fitted, flat and pillow cases). If the comforter is constructed of 100% Egyptian cotton, more than likely, so is the relax of the set.

Another option may be an Egyptian cotton down comforter. To find the right cotton down comforter, you’ll want to follow the guidelines above. But you’ll want to look at fill power when talking about down comforters. The higher the fill power, the better and larger the clusters of down the cotton down comforters will have. Likely to get more insulation with higher fill power as well.

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